About Us

Kyle and I were married on June 16, 2006. Kyle is running his plumbing company, North Star Plumbing, and working his way through school. I am working at a hair salon in Gilbert called Hair Do. We became parents on October 14 2008 to our sweet baby girl Leesie Elizabeth Kokaliares. And were blessed again on January 28 2010 with our second sweet girl Millie Kay Kokaliares. They are truly our pride and joy!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Millie Kay Kokaliares

Our Sweet Millie Kay is here!

We are so excited and happy that our sweet baby is here and healthy.

She was born on Jan. 28, 2010

5lbs 15oz

19 1/3 in. long.

She came 2 1/2 weeks early she is tiny but healthy. On Thursday the 28th at 1:15 am we dropped Leesie off at Kyle's parents house and I went to the hospital after having contractions 5 mins apart for 2 hours when I got to the hospital I was 4cm and thought I was going to be sent home because my contractions were now 6 mins apart, luckily they let me stay. By 2am I was checked in! By 4 am I got my epidural but I was still 4cm and at 7am Dr. Beck broke my water and at 7:45 am I was 7cm. I called my Parents and Kyle's parents to tell them to head to the hospital. By 8am I was 10cm and ready to push I started to cry as soon as they told me it was time. I don't know why... I guess just nervous and I was still wanting to wait until everyone got there. My mom, Scarlett, Haley, Sophie and Kyle were in the room when Millie came after 5mins of pushing. (Kyle's mom was a little sick or she would have been in the room too.) It was such an easy delivery. It could not have gone better. I loved it. Millie is such a great baby, We are so blessed. Last night was our first night home and I was nervous but our sweet baby loves to sleep just like her big sister. We put her to bed at 10pm and had to wake her up at 3am to eat then she slept until 10am. We are so lucky. More pictures to come later.